Text 20 Sep LEAP Logo Update #2

I sat down today with the problem of the spots on my mind and started tackling it with trial and error. 

It was very unsuccessful.

So I divided the cat’s top coat from its bottom coat, thinking - maybe it’ll be less “panther-like” if it has this division. I really liked the outcome and I think it did lessen the “panther-like” silhouette, mostly because panthers are typically designed so fluid-like and are solid in color. This division took away the solid color, but left the kitty curves.

I played around more with the spots. Finally decided, MAYBE if I cannot put small spots in it (which makes the whole thing look horrendous) I can just overlay large spots. This resulted in a camouflage like pattern… but I’m really kind of digging it.

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Weekend DIY: Print your photos onto fabric using the power of the sun!

Inko Photo Fabric Dye kits make it easy.

Dress Yourself in Photos


Give me a few ideas for in-store displays!

Text 18 Sep Leadership Conference Program Cover

This is something I am really proud of. It was a total rush job at work, in between floor duties and new assignments, but I was so happy to get to create something different again.

I re-wrote the meanings behind the symbols used in this insignia, but I left the re-write at home so I’ll have to post that later.

This is a screenshot of the cover of the program I designed, along with the insignia.

The students that participate in the conference I think will love the custom pin we are having made up for it. It’s going to be the insignia, somewhat like you see it here, but 1” in diameter.

I hope it’s well received. 

Text 18 Sep 1 note LEAP Logo Progress

I haven’t had much spare time to work on this logo, but I was reminded how important it is to get it finished today when I ran into the woman that asked me to help her with it’s development. 

She’s very understanding, knowing that I am doing this with my spare time and that I took it on with little time to spare as it was.

Still - I need to get it done. 

I had texted her one version, the last I uploaded and I loved, but she wasn’t feeling it. Too “panther” like. She also wants to keep the “ribbon” in the word LEAP. 

I explained to her that a silhouette of a cat, whether its a panther or a jaguar or a leopard will somewhat all look the same. The challenge is in coloring it to make it evident that it’s a leopard. Especially since this is a LOGO and not just a graphic for a t-shirt or folder. This will be used in a small scale and small dots representing spots won’t read well when this thing gets sized down.

Still working on it. But here’s a visual update.

I eliminated the swirls and brought the “A” ascender out over the ribbon. I also squished the muzzle in a bit more. I like the negative space of this one, it forms a heart.

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Before the days of digital, it was common for companies to produce these delightfully corny novelty cameras as promotional items, even if they took terrible photos.

Authors Christopher Salyers and Buzz Poole teamed up on a new book entitled Camera Crazy that chronicles some of the most iconic novelty cameras made over the years.

Camera Crazy Documents Famous Novelty Cameras From the Past

via The Guardian

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Consequence of Infinitely Discursive Vision Technologies (2014)
A Site Specific Installation @ Fridman Gallery August 28 - Sept 4, 2014
Materials: Neon, 3 channel Video w/ Audio, Projectors, Flatscreen TV, Media Players, Wire, Audio Amplifier, Speakers
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Ivan Alifan's stunning paintings explore portraiture and in a whole new light

Text 15 Sep 3 notes LEAP Logo Development

I was asked to help a newer department develop their identity on the fly one day while walking through Wal-Mart shopping for doggie treats. 

I agreed to help with my spare time, not knowing that my online classes would consume SO MUCH of my spare time. Despite that I have logged 14 hours since I agreed to take on the project 2 weeks ago.

Originally I was asked to incorporate a leopard and a swoosh-like L. I tried both and they didn’t work well together so I deviated and tried to incorporate the concept of what the department was trying to create, symbolically.

Here I have listed the primary focus of all the variations I made for the logo (which is still under development right now) that stemmed from the first concept I attempted - at the top of the image. 

The bottom-most image is my current final piece.

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Courage the Cowardly Dog: Last of the Starmakers

This episode made me cry unmanly tears

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